Laleh Resort Hotel
Five-star Boutique Hotel

This resort hotel is located at an approximate 30 kilometer distance in the eastern part of Kermanshah, on the path of the old road from Kermanshah to Hamedan, on the hillside of Bistoon Mountain, opposite the historical monument of “Faratash inscription” (Farhad Tarash), in the center of the worldwide known Bistoon area.
This historical monument, with an area of 6000 square meters, a four-porch form, and the capacity of 100 guests, has a total of 20 standard rooms, Royal and Imperial Suites with traditional design arising from the architecture of the Safavid period. 24-hour room service, a relaxing coffee-shop, a traditional restaurant with Iranian and Foreign cuisines, a summer restaurant, cooler and heater equipped systems, advanced protection and surveillance systems and welfare amenities, have created great conditions for the presence of domestic and foreign guests.
Conference rooms for different ceremonies, live music in the hotel, local handicrafts permanent shops and exhibitions, shops providing mountain climbing accessories, being in the worldwide known area of Bistoon beside the mountainous nature are the tourism attractions of Bistoon Laleh Hotel.

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Iran , Kermanshah , Bistoon
 TEL : 009883  45883812
  Fax : 009883  45883812     
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